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Welcome to the NEW FirePower

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

For over a decade FirePower has been providing elite level fitness in a community-focused environment.  We’ve witnessed “everyday” men, women and teens discover a new way to work out with an emphasis on getting in the best physical shape of their lives regardless where they are/were when they start.


Welcome to Changing Times.  

People have come to FirePower to get STRONG. What they discovered isn’t just physical strength. They’ve become emotionally strong and mentally tough.  This resiliency and determination seems to bleed over to other areas of their lives including work, family, and yearning of new personal challenges.

We’ve also walked alongside you, our members over a decade of aging and we continue to grow and evolve as you do too. Your health is more than just about sweat. We are more than just about fitness. Welcome to the NEW FirePower! Innovation is one of our core values - it's actually number two right below Supportive Family Environment. These values are our lighthouse and guiding focus for all our decisions.

Introducing FirePower Fitness & Wellness.

Our team is committed to your longevity and you as a person beyond our walls.  Why you ask?  The difference between health and wellness, in short, health is a state of being, whereas wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle. Over the past year you’ve seen beginning initiatives that expanded into this area including FirePower Cares.  Going forward, you’ll see a greater combination of content, seminars, resources, and support from us in ALL components of wellness:

1.Physical Health

2.Nutritional Health

3.Emotional Health

We are excited to spread our wings and play a bigger role in our members’ lives and our community. Soon you will be introduced to new partners and people who share our passion for this space and pursuit of ‘more’.  For now, thank you for trusting us and standing strong with our FirePower family and our community.  Great things on the horizon for us all.

In health,

Andrea & George Savard

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