We believe in supporting workplaces to have healthier relationships with their people because happy staff are productive, loyal and committed.
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Be The Leader In Your Industry.

Our mission is to better the lives of our community through nutrition, fitness and mental wellness care. We believe in supporting workplaces to have healthier relationships with their staff because wellness is about more than just leaving apples in the lunchroom.  We do this with a focus on physical, emotional and mental health through nutrition & fitness.

Physical well-being is the foundation to help people thrive in the most difficult circumstances; to emerge from stressful periods stronger, healthier and eager for the next challenge.

We are former corporate employees and understand the challenges of stress, mental & physical balance, work-life balance, teamwork and pride in the workplace. Our corporate program has been active since 2008 and we are proud members of Milton Chamber of Commerce.

Nutrition Seminars

Group Challenges

Team Building

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How a FirePower Corporate Program Can Help Your Organization

- Reduce absenteeism and improve productivity with better nutrition for your workforce.

- Reduce healthcare costs by implementing a wellness program that fights back against chronic disease and mental health.

- Receive proper education and support when it comes to fitness & nutrition and its many aspects.

- Improve team work and unity in your work force

- We educate and provide resources and support to improve the overall health of your employees

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Client Testimonials

We are a group of people who have become friends and enjoy our work outs together. There is a wide range of abilities but we all have the same goal, to be healthier and fit. Each of us is there because we want to be there and we do not bring any egos. We may be old but we love our Crossfit and even more we love to live life to the fullest and Crossfit fit helps makes it happen.
Chris Blay
I love how the CrossFit family doesn't look at my size or what level I'm at, but sees my potential, and where I will be months away from now. I can't see it yet, but I know everyone at FirePower can. You have the most amazing staff I have ever met!!
Jessica Williams
I just love my gym…it is so ‘unconventional’. Nothing pretty about this place…but I don’t want pretty I want results. Boxing is now my new love and even at 60 I feel like I’m stronger than I have ever been. The best coaches (instructors) have helped get there safely.
Linda Harding
It’s a whole different approach and how refreshing! Mitch was great. He helped us to learn the moves quickly and execute them safely. My body is real tired and I can’t wait for tomorrow!
Truly one of the best gyms I’ve seen across North America. You have some great coaching going on in Canada!
Stephane Rochet, Head S&C Coach, U of SanDiego
Friends, family, fitness and fun. This gym has everything. I can not speak more highly of the staff and owners. I love this place!!!
Erin Dawson
Best physical activity in my lifetime!! To all my clients, friends and family join me here ASAP!!
Jameel De Stefano
Since joining FirePower I am less stressed, and am a much happier person. I’m so proud of myself and what I’m able to accomplish here, so I’m walking taller and feeling younger. I have so much more energy and the more I workout, the more active I want to become. I used to look at the WODs and think that they were impossible. Over the last 5 months that attitude has changed. I now feel nothing is impossible..
Carmen Schembri
I just wanted to tell you how much Alicia and I appreciate the environment FirePower fosters. Everyone is approachable and supportive regardless of what level of fitness they are. A lot of gyms can be very intimidating and feel like a “have to” but your gym is a “want to”. I have belonged to several gyms, social teams and function but I must say FirePower has been most fulfilling! You guys our truly like our extended family.
Shawn Smith