We have a strong belief in the connection between physical health, mental health and social health. All 3 facets are interconnected and reliant on each other for our overall wellness. Our ability to function in our various roles of life depends on them all, whether it be at work, at home, with our kids, our aging family, and our relationships. The pandemic has shown us how important our resilience is and our health.

FirePower Cares is our special way to share with you a resource of care. Listening to the hurdles, challenges, and pressures of life that hold you back from greatness on and off the training floor, and supporting you during these times when life just seems overwhelming.  For the past many years we have been having deep conversations about the various struggles people face (members and trainers included); when life shifts & changes and it derails their progress at the gym and beyond. Be it pregnancy, injury, family changes, financial/work pressures, etc, we see how that affects them for a lengthy amount of time.

In our community, our goal is fitness but the pursuit of fitness has to fit into your world. Coincidentally, for your world to function effectively, you also need to work on your fitness. Physical capacity is the foundation of a person's emotional and mental capacity. Not how much you can lift or how fast you can run, but replenishing your sleep, eating healthy food, getting natural light and keeping your body moving. We call it the SEMM model: Sleep + Eat + Move + Manage. Balance these 4 element and you are on your way to a balanced and productive lifestyle.

Our FirePower Care initiative makes available (for free) emotional support & care to our members and our community for those who might need it for a variety of reasons.

A message from FirePower Care Teammate Vanessa Slack

Hi there FirePower family!

Vanessa Slack here (aka “Slacker”), and I’m stoked to be part of an exciting initiative at FirePower called “FirePower Care.” For over a decade, FirePower has been proud to deliver top quality coaching and fitness programming as well as cutting edge/innovative practices...add “FirePower Care” to that legacy as we continue to notice and respond to the diverse needs of our gym family.

Here’s what we know: while many of us are hitting PRs on the gym floor, reaching nutrition goals, lifting heavy and sweating hard—we still have difficult stuff going on at work and home; challenges with our bodies (sick or injured) and in our families. That’s real life, friends. “FirePower Care” has been created to support you as you face your day to day challenging “emotional workouts.”

Periodically our team will post short videos and blog posts where we’ll chat about real life stuff that’s sometimes tough to discuss. Our hope is you will gain comfort from knowing you’re not alone as you identify with some of our content; a nod to the adage: “Trouble shared is trouble halved.” In addition to the “FirePower Care” content, we have also created a way for you to reach out via email if you are seeking personal, confidential support in the form of a listening ear or a sweaty hug.


I’d be honoured to meet you and to partner in a WOD—especially if you like to sing LOUD to 80's playlists. Please feel free to introduce yourself in person or by email. You may even find a random message in your inbox if we notice you feeling a little "off" or we hear you are going through a tough time. There is no timeline for grief - I would be honoured to walk beside you.


Peace. (Sweat it) Out.