Workouts With A Purpose

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

It's often easy to work on both your physical and social health simply by coming to the gym each week whether in a class or with your trainer. Yet often we put our mental health to the back burner until it raises its hand for help.

Our FirePower Care team are listening and diligently creating ways we can help our members connect the physical / mental / social needs of ourselves in these 2 upcoming events:

Emergency Services / 911 WODS & Social. Sunday Afternoons 3pm-5pm

Starting this Sunday and every Sunday up to December 20th, join a small group of your fellow police, fire, paramedics, nurses and doctors in the FirePower community for a group workout and hangout.

  • 3pm to 5pm, starting November 22nd.
  • This is an open gym style group workout you can do together (not a coached class). Estimate ~ 45 minutes of fitness, followed by a BYOB or coffee hangout.
  • Share your stories amongst your fellow 911's, talk shop, and support each other.
  • Come one week, every week, or sporadically. It's simply available to you if your schedule allows.
  • This is a DROP IN style weekly event but limited to public health 10-person restrictions. Sign up required.
  • There is no cost to these events and they do not count towards your class visits.
  • You MUST be one of the career services listed above to participate.

Memory WOD - Nov 27th, 7:30pm

As the holiday season approaches, we feel it’s important to acknowledge those special people in our lives or are now in our hearts. 2020 has been an extremely emotional year for many. Some of you have lost loved ones while some of you are on the cusp and could use some support.

  • FirePower Cares presents our second MEMORY WOD on Friday November 27th at 7:30pm-9pm.
  • This adults-only event for FP members past & present will be a time for you to bring your special person in your heart and do a group workout in their honour.
  • We invite you to bring a photo of them to post, or write their name on the whiteboard, or simply have them in on your mind. This is your personal time to honour them. ⁣
  • FirePower Care Team Lead Vanessa Slack will workout along with you and a small group, then guide you through some support over a coffee or glass of wine. You do not have to participate in the discussion if you prefer to just listen and observe.
  • This is a workout for all levels lead by an FP coach.
  • There is NO COST to this event and it won't count toward your class visits.
  • Sign Up is required to keep to public health guidelines.


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