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Why do you CrossFit?

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Training vs. Exercising

“Pressure changes people. If there’s no stress, you don’t adapt, you don’t grow.” Mike McGoldrick –Barbell Shrugged

Let’s get you thinking about WHY you CrossFit. Are you here for the training or for exercising? There is a substantial difference between the two and this is a very real subject that might get heated in some areas! Let’s lay some things out that may change your views, thoughts and motivation moving into the fall season.

Goal #1: Exercising

This is coming to classes on a day-to-day basis (or a few times a week) just to get a sweat on with zero risk. The accomplishment is that you made it into the gym. You have no interest in PR’ing if that’s part of the WOD. You’re not feeling it that day. If this is you daily, weekly, or monthly, then your investment in yourself is minimal; progress is slow and eventually you will fade away into a has-been.

There is nothing wrong with simply just exercising. Many people have a lot of stress in their lives outside the gym whether it is work, finances, or family. Exercising gives you that one-hour peace & reprieve from the outside world. Maybe you do it so you can enjoy pizza and beer on Friday nights. That’s totally fine, but you can’t get upset if you aren’t progressing and you definitely can’t compare yourself to those who are here to ‘train’.

Goal #2: Training

You have a different mindset. You have goals and measure indicators of your progress each week. You may not be an RX athlete just yet but you’re ready to change and get better. You seek additional coaching help, you journal your results, and spend the time to improve.

Many times when I was training for Regionals I’d find myself halfway through a workout questioning ‘why I do this to myself?’. And this is when I’d remind myself that it’s a process. Training is hard, both physically and mentally. You should be humbled in one aspect or another everyday.

If you have the will, determination and ability to TRAIN but don’t know where to start, find a mentor who is also training and ASK QUESTIONS. Any information you can gather will improve the process and make it more fun and successful.

If you’re here to train and improve, I can’t stress the importance of sticking to a plan. You need to give it time and an honest effort between training, nutrition, and recovery to see change.  A 6-week program is not going to change you. It’s going to get you started and moving in the right direction, but you need to make it part of your life if you really want what it is you say you do.

After reading this, your job is to write down some training goals… figure out what you want and make sure its what YOU want – not from social pressure i.e. that guy can clean 225lbs… I need to do that. They can be performance based, aesthetic based or both. You need to write it down and put them somewhere that you will see it everyday.

Our coaches are at your disposal and have a wealth of knowledge and most have probably gone through what you’re trying to accomplish. If you need or want help, book time with them to build a training plan. They will also help keep you accountable when you need a kick in the ass or see you exercising when you should be training!


Dave is a full time Level 2 CrossFit coach at RCFP. He is member of RCFP’s international competitive CrossFit team and competed at East Regionals in 2015. Dave is available for personal training, goal setting, and individualized programming for athletes of all levels. He can be reached at

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