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Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

We know that some of you may have seen news and social media posts about CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman's recent Twitter comments.  We responded immediately on Sunday that we do not support his statements and reaffirmed our commitment to unity inside our walls.

FirePower became a CrossFit affiliate in 2008 because we believe in the training methodology. We still stand behind what was built over the past 13 years and our diverse community that helps make this a special place for many of us. We work hard to ensure that every single person who walks into our gym feels supported, respected and appreciated.

We, the owners and staff stand for our personal truths and our philosophy “Nothing is stronger than family.”  FirePower values a supportive family environment, innovation, top quality and empowerment.  We hope our actions speak louder than one man’s words. Our passion to help improve your health and wellness doesn’t care where you came from, what colour you are, your beliefs, or who you want to marry.  All are treated equal and fair.

Our current year CrossFit affiliation was just signed 2 weeks ago before this situation began. Our future with CrossFit HQ is unclear at this time. We will strongly re-evaluate our affiliation as we observe their ability (or inability) to rehab and reinvent themselves.  As of now, we will continue to move forward with our FirePower Fitness and Wellness brand, initiated back in 2019.   We have also contacted our partners at Reebok Canada this week and look forward to continued relations with them on a local level.

Our team’s goal is to get back to business and welcome our members back “Home”, quite literally.

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