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We Love Dogs!

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

A dog hanging around the gym is one of the unique parts of our CrossFit culture. If you travel across the world or even just the internet, you'll be hard pressed not to find a CrossFit box that doesn't have proud pics of the owner's dogs at their side while they coach or in their office. FirePower is no different. Even our original FP icon was created from our old-man "Boots". But before the summer fully kicks off, we thought this is a perfect time to share some guidelines so everyone can use the gym happily.

FirePower Dogs

First off, if you are visiting FirePower for the first time or coming in for your daily workout, please note, you will usually be greeted by little Rosie and Boots at the front door, or big Steve in the big gym. These guys are the friendliest faces we could offer and they love people. FirePower staff who work for lengthy hours at a time sometimes bring their dogs to work as a workplace perk. However, we recognize that not everyone are dog-lovers like us. So if at anytime you are uncomfortable, we will secure them away so you can confidently visit our facility.  Simply advise one of our front staff or coaches and we will handle asap.

Members Dogs

With the warmer weather herewe’ve noticed that a few of you have brought your dogs into the gym whileyou’re here for a work out. And while we love your furry family members as muchas we love you, we kindly ask that you please either leave your dogs at home orkeep them tied up outside (with water) while you WOD.  Feel free to use a kettlebell if needed. With the increase of ticks and not knowing where everyone’s dog is at with vaccinations or their temperament, at this time only our staff’s dogs or service dogs are allowed inside the gym. 

Visiting Dogs

For your dog's safety and the safety of our members & our FirePower Dogs, we kindly request that no dogs visit our facility that haven't been fully vaccinated yet. While we love puppy snuggles, we need to protect the herd. Once your fur-baby is cleared by your vet (usually after they are few months old), then bring them by for a visit! We can't promise you will get them back! :)


Thanks so much for yourcorporation.

Lastly, here are some awesome dog-services we recommend:

  • Telehealth Pets ( Vet advice over the phone
  • Woof Walking & Co ( Dog walking in Milton, Georgetown & Acton
  • Paws For A While ( Pet sitting in a home environment
  • Smart Dogs Canine Training (

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