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They Come With Smiles

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

When you show up to your group fitness class, some of you come early to get extra stretching in, socialize with friends, or your day has allowed some freedom of time (ok this last one never really happens but a person can dream). Many of you stroll in right on time with 3–5 minutes to spare — shoes tied and the show begins.

Then there’s the last group. Those who skate in 5–10 minutes late with a flurry of frazzle, panic and apologies. We see it all. What group you fall in here, we don’t actually care. What we do care about is that you are here; early, on time, or late… you’re here.

I want to spotlight a special group of people. The ones who’s asses are getting kicked by life outside the gym. A lost job, a special needs child, a severely ailing spouse or parent, or their own health scare. They come with smiles everyday; or sometimes they ‘just come’ because that’s all they can manage at that moment.

I guarantee you don’t know half of who is struggling because they don’t dwell on it, talk much about it, or let it define them. They just get to work.

Everyone has many stresses in their lives outside the gym, but for the hour they’re sweating, those worries get to be put on the back-burner, even for a short while.

We know the quiet struggles life has thrown to many of you, while your classmates beside you have no idea. And to be honest, we also know many more of you keep your cards close to your chest and simply remain private. You aren’t obligated to share your private life, yet we salute you just the same.

In whatever capacity you allow us into your world, ‘honoured’ isn’t a big enough word to describe how we feel when your time at the gym is the best hour of your day or week. You always come in with a smile and a determination that doesn’t go unnoticed. And for that hour, nothing else matters.

Thank you for allowing us to be your coaches each and every day you can spare with us.

Photo Credit: Pablo Reyes @pablolitratos

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