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Still We Rise

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

My husband and I reflected today on our first COVID video where we had to announce a 2 week closing. I couldn't get through it without tears.   As the weeks turned into months of 2020, we had to rely on whatever perseverance we could muster to keep going.  You did too.  

Here we are, almost one year later.  We know you’re tired. We know some days you have felt so alone: defeated and deflated.  We know you’re emotional and exhausted.  And we know the mountain in front of you to return back to you is high and wide. 

But we also know you are RESILIENT. 

You are determined.  You are a fighter and you will rebuild.  We’ve seen you take on challenges when you first walked through the door that you thought were impossible.  We’ve witnessed you grow in purpose and bravery with every day.  We’ve watched you cheer on others beside you who were struggling. We’ve seen you lift your community with intention and boldness.  

We know the flame of your courage is still in there, just maybe a little dim.  

We invite you …. no we IMPLORE you to stand with us.  To fight for your health and your family’s health.  To not give in to the beast of the pandemic.   To rise again and rebuild to a better, stronger, more whole person than before.  One who sees the long game of your fitness & nutrition efforts and yet still protects the peaceful things in life you rediscovered during the shutdowns.  

We’ve lived by the mantra Nothing Is Stronger Than Family.  Thats why WE will rise together. No one does this alone.  We need you as much as you need us and the rest of the community. 

Please join us.  We begin now.  

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