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Obstacle Racing Prep

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Are you ready to take your Obstacle Course Racing to the next level this summer?! Then FirePower's Obstacle Course Racing Prep Course is just for you!

Join Coach Shane and his 5+ years of OCR and CrossFit background to get you prepped for your races this summer. Be prepared for a mix of strength-building with odd objects, endurance training for longer runs and also skill training for climbing, hanging, jumping, lifting, running, carrying, and more!

Practice your grip strength on our Ninja Warrior-style rig, climb the 15 ft ropes, over walls, and more. Be prepared for anything!   Some Sunday sessions will be located off-site around town. Athletes will be notified ahead of time if the meeting location has changed.

Classes are a combination of indoor and outdoor that will progressively guide you to your first 5K, or a 12K Spartan Beast Race...whatever your goal is! Expect a series of team and partner-based obstacles, lots of hills, body-weight conditioning and more!  All skill levels are welcome.

OCR Course Details:

  • 6 weeks of training, twice a week (12 sessions total)
  • Classes will meet on Wednesdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2:30pm
  • Starts Wednesday April 26th to June 4th
  • Cost $199

For more information or any questions, Email Coach Shane. To reserve a spot, click the link below!

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