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6 Week Nutrition Challenge: Jan 2024!

Andrea Savard
December 21, 2023
5 min read

Ready to kick those holiday cookies to the curb and show 2024 who's boss?

Join our 6-week Nutrition Challenge and let's turn those resolutions into delicious victories!   People need more accountability because it serves as the friendly kick in the pants we all occasionally need to stay on track with our goals. It keeps us honest, motivated, and ensures we don't let those excuses get in the way of our success.

Choose Your Level of Accountability!

This challenge round is different... you get to choose your own adventure!  This allows for ALL athletes to work on what’s appropriate for them and their individual goals. Nutrition should be the same!!  There’s no one size fits all for creating healthy change for any of us.   What does this mean? Similar to our wods, there are 2 options: Fitness & Performance.  Select the program that has the right level of accountability YOU need to be successful!

Option 1: Performance - Top Level Support. $249

This is for FP members who: Have followed a macro plan or had a nutrition coach in the past; Have a need for nutrition that is based on Performance goals;  Are looking for nutrition targets to hit each week;

What's Included:

1. Assigned Accountability Coach: Each participant in the Performance Challenge will be assigned to one of our lead coaches to give you extra support & ensure weekly  targets are met for protein consumption and workout activity. Not this does not include customized workouts.

2. Weekly Live Check-Ins: Get higher accountability from 15 minute check ins with your coach at an agreed time. These can be done by zoom, phone, or in-person. The intention is to review the previous week's progress and make any adjustments needed for the upcoming week.

3. Six (6) InBody Scans: Do a weekly body composition scan to track your progress each week. ($150 value for 6 scans)

Cost for 6 weeks is $249. Best value!  For $42/week, you get individual coach support to plan each week of activity levels and protein targets.

Register Now - Performance Level

Option 2: Fitness - Rebuild Healthy Habits. $125

This is for FP members and non-members who:  don’t want a specific macro plan to follow but need better lifestyle habits & support to make healthy changes; Who like to workout to have fun & need accountability to start or restart their health and fitness goals.

What's Included:

1.  Healthy Habit Tracking: Focus on FOUR main areas,  Sleep, Eating, Movement, Managing Stress.  We give you 3 habits to follow daily, you supplement with 2-4 more that support minimizing stress & anxiety.  

2.  Weekly email check-ins with Coach Tonya to ensure you stay on track; biweekly InBody scans & more!

3. Three (3) InBody Scans: Do a bi-weekly body composition scan to track your progress each week. ($75 value for 3 scans)

Cost for this 6 week program is $125, a low investment of ~$20/week, get the kickstart you need to start the year off right!

Register Now - Fitness Level


All participants in both the Performance & Fitness programs will receive 10% off a 5lb bag of protein from the pro shop, 15% off a box of FRESH chicken breasts from Sargent Farms in Milton, and a selection of NEW recipe books!

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