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New Course - Fit 4 MTB

Jordan Plourde
March 4, 2024
5 min read

Introducing FirePower’s latest specialty program – Fit 4 MTB.Boost your mountain biking performance with this 8-week program. Designed to enhance mobility, strength, core stability, and balance, it includes targeted exercises to optimize your riding experience. Each week will consist of two in class sessions and an optional 3rd conditioning session to be completed on your own. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the sport, this program will propel you toward your biking goals. 

Choose a time slot that best suits your schedule:

MORNINGS - Mon / Wed @ 8:30AM

EVENINGS - Tues / Thurs @ 6:30PM


Below is a breakdown of the program.

Week 1-2 – Foundation Building

Lay the groundwork, focusing on establishing mobility foundations, honing strength with fundamental compound lifts, and fortifying core stability and balance through targeted exercises.

Week 3-4 - Intensification

Intensify the regimen, challenging your body with increased loads and complexity to stimulate muscle adaptation and enhance neuromuscular coordination.


Week 5-6 – Progressive Overload

Introduce progressive overload strategies, elevating the intensity while ensuring proper recovery, allowing your body to adapt and grow stronger.


Week 7 – Peak Intensity

Marks the pinnacle of intensity, where you'll push your limits in strength exercises, refine explosive power, and advance dynamic balance skills.


Week 8 – Taper and Test

Brings a strategic tapering phase, allowing your body to peak while maintaining gains.As you culminate the program, a final performance test awaits, inviting you to measure your progress and celebrate your achievements.


Through it all, this program isn't just about physical transformation—it's about fostering mental resilience, cultivating discipline, and igniting a passion for pushing boundaries on and off the trails. Get ready to unleash your full potential and conquer the trails with unwavering confidence.

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