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Member Stories: Tisha Wilson

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Still She Rises.

As a healthcare worker, Tisha's last 12 months have been through hell and back and it's not over yet. But here she reflects on how quickly her state of mind can change now that the gym has reopened, despite the whirlwind of life surrounding her.

"Do you know what brings you joy? Have you figured it out yet? Do you have “the thing” that no matter what, you are a better version of yourself when you do it?

FirePower is “my thing”.  This place is “my thing”.  These people are “my thing”.

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I have been back for 3....only THREE days & my whole mental state has been resurrected. Life does not feel so hard.

I feel in touch....with myself....with my people....with my life.

Today’s “thing” was 22 rounds with a 22 min cap of 12 cals on the assault bike aka "Demon bike" & 6 sumo deadlifts.....essentially a pace of 1 round/min

  • Rounds 1-4.....I feel AMAZING, this is GREAT!!
  • Rounds 5-9.....I am really starting to question my life choices
  • Rounds 10-12 I think my soul is slow....small cal at a time
  • Round 13.....only 7 min left!!! At this point completing the 22 rounds is a hilarious joke
  • Rounds 14-16......I’m not even sure what day it is or what my name is....I think my name is Joe....that sounds like something vaguely familiar* I don’t want to get back on that death cycle.....why is she done....I don’t want another turn....what is happening....shit....ok.....fine!!!

I died.....I sold my soul....I felt AMAZING!!!!

Find your “thing”!! Trust me....your mind, body & soul will thank you!!"

We are grateful to you Tisha and all your colleagues and essential workers for the sacrifices you have made this year. It is our honour to welcome you home so you can do your thing with your gym-family.

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