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Member Stories: Karen Cook

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Karen & Jason have been members at FirePower for almost a decade. They've been through every nutrition challenge, every Paleo challenge, and every up and down you can imagine. Yet somehow this past year was different. A new approach, a simpler approach, flexibility, an accountability coach and a commitment to each other for the long run. They took things one day at a time, and stayed committed to their goals together. Looking back over the year, it's been pretty telling- what would life had been like if they never started in the first place?

The key to their success are small consistent steps in the right direction, not perfection. Together they have lost close to 100lbs. We are thrilled to share this story.

Karen's Story

"My weight has been a challenge for me ever since I was a kid.  I have tried almost every program and diet out there, and have been successful on most of them. I can probably do them all in my sleep.  So what's my problem?  Accountability!! 

In my head, there seems to be this magic switch that is either on or off with respect to working on me or working on my nutrition/weight loss.  Last January, I felt it was time to flip that switch back on but how was I going to be successful this time? I was tired of being overweight, achy, feeling down on myself in workouts and sometimes in my job.  I felt hideous in photos and did my best to stay out of them or stand in the back where hopefully nobody would see me. 

So, I reached out to Coach Ryan. 

After an awesome chat with him, we discussed a plan that would hopefully take my journey to a new level with an initial 3-month commitment.  I immediately began with weekly check-ins.  Anyone whom I have ever worked with at FirePower has always been so supportive, encouraging, kept me on track and never ever once gave me a lecture for falling off the wagon but instead gave me encouragement to keep going.  And Ryan was definitely no exception. In fact he is super passionate about the program and helping with any question or challenge.  He provided me with the direction and continuous guidance that I needed and still sometimes need today. Don't get me wrong!  It has been a lot of hard work but the longer I have committed to this, the easier it is to keep going. 

Having my husband, Jason, join me alongside has been a definite bonus.  Together we do all the food prep for each other, we encourage each other to work harder and get those goals at home, in life and at the gym.  When people say they don't have time for all of this work, the food prep, etc, they have to think about how important it is for them to do something for themselves.  Where Jason and I might not be the busiest people out there, I think we do lead a pretty hectic schedule between me having a full time career in IT consulting, Jay running our family business, running kids to and from activities and caring for 2 rescue dogs.  We just had to make it work somehow.

I am now 12 months in on this journey.  So far, I have lost over 65 pounds, my flat feet and achy joints don't bother me near as much as before, I have dropped 3 sizes in clothing and my confidence in the gym and in life has grown.  Ryan's guidance has also got me through and continues to get me through vacations, Halloween, family dinners and now the Christmas party season.  Life is full of these times, temptations and stresses.  We plan for these events, still have fun during them including indulging in the desserts, alcohol or whatever delicious food is put in front of me.  I enjoy them in the moment but then cannot wait to get back on track the next day.

I have been a member of FirePower for 8+ years now and the FirePower Family has always been there for me with support and encouragement not just with workouts but now also with my weight loss journey.  Everyone collectively including Andrea, George, my hubby, all the coaches, all the staff and even other members have played a huge part in my tale with their support, compliments and overall friendships.  All of this is what keeps me going, not get frustrated and so far, has helped me to keep that switch flipped on. 

My ultimate goal is to continue to feel healthier and this time keep the weight off!  For the first time in a long time, I finally feel confident and positive about this. 

Please ask them about their nutrition programs.  Not everyone has the same goals and not everyone is the same.  But if you ever wanted to invest and commit to your own health, FirePower is an awesome place to find out how."

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