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Member Stories – Christine T

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Trying to lose weight on your own? How do you sift through all the clutter of fad diets, friends’ advice, what used to work, aging and more?

You get a NUTRITION COACH! Just like a personal trainer, but specifically for nutrition.  As we close out our first 4-week challenge of 2016, Christine sent me her eye-opening experience.


“This Nutrition Challenge really worked for me. I wanted you to know that despite my rough start, including not losing anything at all in the first two weeks, I booked a personal meeting with Karen (RCFP Coach and Nutritionist).  I can’t believe what a difference it made. It was like a furnace turned on!

At first, I was reluctant to meet with her because when I initially sent her my meal journal, she wrote me back and told me I wasn’t eating enough and I was doing too much cardio and not enough strength training. You can imagine ME with a response like that. Fuck you! Who eats less, does more exercise and doesn’t lose weight? Ha! I will tell her a thing or two!

At our next appointment, Karen meticulously went through my meal plan and told me all the things I could improve upon. I was defensive, because a lot of what she said seeme

d picky, and I was positive I had followed the Challenge properly.  …Apparently not.

Although I was eating well, I wasn’t eating “balanced”.  I wasn’t having a carb, protein, and fat EVERY time I put something in my mouth. Was she serious? Couldn’t I just have a clementine from time to time? Nope. Carb, fat and protein every time, unless it was after a workout and then I could ditch the fat.  Well, colour me disgruntled.  But I decided I was going to follow her advice if for no other reason than to prove to her that she was being over-rigid and that her way wasn’t any better than my way.

Thankfully, I got my ass kicked.

I lost 6 lbs and 6.75 inches overall. Remember I said I didn’t lose anything for the first two weeks? That means all this loss is in the last TWO weeks. I am so glad I did that nutrition consultation. The girl knows what she’s talking about!”


Chrissy T


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