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Let Us Be Your Lighthouse

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

There's something about the storm around us that dims the light that lives within us.  With the recent announcements of state of emergency, world events around us and the stay-at-home order in effect today, things are feeling especially heavy.

If there's one thing 2020 reminded us, it's that our health is the most important asset we have.  It's our armour of defence, our weapon to fight, and our confidence to weather this storm.

Fitness is only one piece of your health puzzle. Just as its only one piece of what we do. Nutrition, social connection, and mental wellness are other ways we serve. When things are "normal" all these elements are active at the same time.  But right now isn't normal.  

If fitness doesn't fit your world this week, life goes on. Let's focus on recharging your body with sleep, nutritious food, water and natural light.  Then when you're ready, layer in movement.  

Our commitment is to continue to communicate; with ideas, tips, motivation, videos and tools you can use to keep your health as your lighthouse. Keep your ship pointed towards us and we will guide you safely.

Email me or any member of our team.  We are delivering our fitness and nutrition services online.  There are many options to support you and your family.

Remember, you can be in the storm but don't let the storm be in you.

In health,

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