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Introducing RCFP's Newest Coach!

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Please join us in officially welcoming Ryan Devries to the FirePower roster full time as of the New Year!

Ryan began his intern program in the fall of 2017 under the guidance of Assistant Head Coach Annie and the watchful eye of George. With exceptional communication skills, a solid skill set and determined coachability, he accelerated through the intern program and began his career change over Christmas. Leaving the rat race of downtown Toronto commuters, Ryan has taken on a full time coaching role at FirePower along with some other administrative and marketing support activities.

Coach Ryan will be leading the 6-Week Fresh Start Program, taking new FP members through Foundations, coaching Ignite and varsity classes, supporting CrossFit classes and leading classes as needed, supporting Coach Dave with the Nutrition program & 28-Day Fix, and more!

Even better, Ryan's mom Sam is a relatively new member of RCFP, joining us through the 6-Week Fresh Start program this past fall. Now the mom/son duo can be found working out together and sharing a new love of fitness and health. #nothingisstrongerthanfamily

Coach Tonya has also officially graduated from her Intern Program over the Christmas holidays after a successful completion! Tonya will focus on new members as they navigate the Foundations program, and coaching/supporting all CrossFit and Ignite classes. Coach T supported the Barbell Betty's lifting program this past fall and will be instrumental in helping ladies (and the guys of course!) with developing confidence and comfort with barbell training for novice and intermediate lifters. You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger cheerleader as well!!

Please give both Ryan and Tonya a sweaty hug and congratulations when you see them.

In health,


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