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Introducing #BETHECHANGE Campaign

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

FirePower is rooted in Change. Changing behaviours; changing perceptions; changing routines; changing habits; changing how you look at the world; changing how the world looks at you. Life is the greatest gift we’ve been given and we believe it's our responsibility as humans to live it, lead it and love it.   As life gets hectic, off track, sedentary, and unbalanced, it takes a strong person to lead the change process and take the first step.

Welcome to #BETHECHANGE 

This year, we are celebrating change and the many ways our members are being that change for the people in their lives around them. Over the next few months, you'll see many great photos of FirePower members who are already being the change. Tomorrow (January 19th) George turns 47. As the leader of change in our family, we are kicking off this campaign with George & Sam.

In your family
In your relationship
In your workplace
In your kids
In your community
In the world

We simply spark the idea, you fill in the reason. Share with us your reason for change. Send us your story or post a photo, tag us and let us know who you want to be the change for!

Sweaty hugs,

Team FirePower

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