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I see you....

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Yes you. The one hiding in the back of the room. The one with your eyes cast downand lost their sparkle.  The oneconstantly tugging at your shirt to cover your tummy or hiking your pants up.  The one looking around to see if others arelooking at you.


Yes, I see you. 


You see the few extra pounds you’ve gained,or the way your shirt rides up or your pants fall down.  You see the people beside you looking leanand muscular.  You are gasping for breathand see your classmates rowing with ease or who add an extra 15# on thebar.    You areembarrassed and shy saying to yourself, “I’m not in the shape I used tobe”. 


But I don’t see what you see.


I see a person who’s life got busy. Whosacrificed their own time for someone else, most likely their kids.  Who gave of themselves to a work project sothey could feel successful or to provide for their family.  Someone who’s been struggling with asituation at home, be it a marriage, an aging parent, the loss of a loved one,etc.  Or even someone who needed a bit oftime to decompress from the pressures of daily life. 


I see someone with the courage to start upagain, knowing that it will be hard; that soreness will prevail, and you’llhave to answer the repeated question, “Haven’t seen you in a while?” yet again.   I see someone trying their hardest, to bethe best they can be at this moment.  Who’swilling to try again.


Please know you are never judged for thefew pounds you may have gained over the winter, or the few less pounds you’vegot on your bar. You are simply judged on your effort, your give-a-shit, andyour supportive encouragement of your classmates who may be feeling the same asyou. 


So lift your head, blink your eyes, andawaken to the awesomeness all around you. Because there sure is a lot of it!!

Sweaty Hugs,


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