Good bye for now my wonderful friends...

At FirePower we have many committed members from all walks of life who train here day in and day out with intensity and love of what is truly an amazing community.

I have been part of this family for nearly 7 years. In that time I have been a rookie, adopted paleo, competed, even did my L1 trainer's cert. The Savard's have been family as have all of you.  In my many travels I have trained at many CF boxes, some awesome, however you all need to know what we have here is truly amazing.... this gym is very, very special.


With this in mind, I am both excited and sad to announce that I have accepted an amazing position as SVP, Central Operations with Walmart Japan effective May 1st 2017.  In this new adventure, I will be responsible for establishing a Central Operations team within Japan, and helping drive change and innovation in their operations.  I have been with Walmart for nearly 20 years and have held many roles, and now seek adventure as an expat based in Tokyo.

I will return my friends, but since this is happening fast I have asked Geo and Andrea to let me post this to say good bye for now, and thank all of you for being my close friends and constant companions these many years.  I will be back occasionally and see you all and of course be bringing FirePower to Japan!!!

Rodd, Mayor of 6am

Andrea Savard

As owner of Reebok CrossFit FirePower, Andrea has been in athletics for over 25 years in high performance teams and coaching. With a background in corporate marketing from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, she has built RCFP to a world-class training facility with her husband George. Together they are raising twin kids and twin dogs in Milton, Ontario.
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