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FirePower: How We’re Training Through COVID-19

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Dear FirePower Community,

The coronavirus is creating worldwide panic, but we wanted to share some good news with you.


First: You’ve done everything you can to prepare yourself for a sickness. Strong, fit people are hard to kill, and they bounce back fast.You’ve taken care of yourself; you eat well and you’re tough as nails.Coronavirus is worried about YOU!

Second: In Milton, we’re mostly away from the major hubs where the virus is currently spreading. That gives us some time to prepare. Wehave friends abroad who are already in very tough positions, but we’ve got a little time to make plans.

Third: Spring is coming. We’ll be able to get outside more regularly.

Fourth: We’re in close contact with a huge number of gym owners, and we’re learning from them so we can help you. Read on.


General Procedures

In the short term, please observe the following:

  1. First and foremost, do not come to the gym if you start to feel sick or show any symptoms of disease. Please do not come to the gym if you are under the weather.
  2. Wash your hands regularly with lots of soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.Scrub vigorously. Avoid touching your face.
  3. When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue or an elbow rather than a hand.
  4. Clean off any equipment you’ve used. We’ll make sure potent disinfectant is on hand, along with clean wipes. 


Long-Term Plans

Given the worldwide situation, there is the potential that gyms and other public spaces will be forced to shut down.   As of tonight (Friday), only city-run facilities are closing. We are a privately run business. We’ll listen for all info from the government and follow its procedures.  

Should we be forced to shut down, we will not stop coaching or running training sessions. We will use social media to keep you in the know.We take a lot of pride in being a lighthouse: We never go dark. And we want you to keep working out, even if the government won’t let you do it at 705 Nipissing Road. You didn’t pay for access to a facility. You paid for coaching, and we can provide that online and/or outdoors..


We will continue to post workouts every day on SugarWod, and we’ll add detailed descriptions, as well as options using common household items where we can. We will also use technology to connect with you and lead you through sessions. We’re up for the challenge.


If our facility is required to shut down due to exposure, we will activate the following procedures:

1.     We will post on SugarWod & our social media about an outdoor location for an old-school CF wod or “ruck-style” trek. As long as we stay 6 feet away from each other and no partner workouts, everyone will be safe!  If the weather is poor, we will send you workouts you can do at home.

2.     If you have the cash, buy a kettlebell or set of dumbbells.  Maybe a few different ones - it can all go to the cottage when things are back to normal. If you don’t have cash, get creative. Fill some jugs with water, clean off that old tire in the garage, and so on. 

3.     Make a space where you can work out. It should be about 8 feet by 8 feet. Just don’t knock over plants or do a burpee on the dog’s tail.

4.     Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook accounts. We’ll likely use those platforms to share details about the workouts. Take pictures of yourself, your family, and your dog doing the workouts and tag us online!

5.     High-five the Internet.


We hope there are no breaks in service at our gym, but if we are required to close, we will. But we will not leave you high and dry. We’ll be offering the same enthusiasm, programming and energy over the Internet. You’re a person who works out. And we’re going to make sure that continues.



George & Andrea

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