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FirePower: A Model of Unity

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

We are committed to ensuring our space is 100 percent free of racism.  

FirePower has a long-standing brand commitment to stay out of politics, regardless of what our individual personal beliefs are. We believe in everyone’s right to choose their political path, beliefs, and values.  If we differ, in the past we’ve remained silent out of respect for all sides in our community.

Until now.

We believe now is the time to speak up.  To stand shoulder to shoulder with our ENTIRE community, united in our determination to make everyone feel equal, always.   Racism has no place in the world, and we need to come together to end injustice.  Right now, more than anything else, we need to listen and educate ourselves so we can ALL help make things better.  

FirePower’s vision is “To Build a Community of Fitness.” One that connects physical, mental and social health of families. One that a fosters a lifelong love of fitness, health, wellness and longevity.

Since 2010, all members are required to sign a Code of Conduct when they begin a FirePower membership stating they understand and agree to our standards and commitment to equality of all genders, all races and all abilities. Those that do not share this belief through moral turpitude are not welcome in our home. We stand strongly committed to this and will take necessary action to protect it.

Inside our walls, we hug everyone, and often.  No one is immune to a good sweaty hug, or currently a socially distant air hug.  When you return to the gym from the shutdown, you’ll even find our new “hugging sticks”.  Even from 6 feet apart, we’ll ensure you feel a caring hand on your shoulder, or the safety and security of a good hug.

We stand by our motto “Nothing is Stronger Than Family”, and that means our ENTIRE family.

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