CrossFit Open 2019 - FirePower Style

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Ohhhh this is going to get good......

ARE YOU IN THE OPEN? Your Team Needs You!

You need to sign up for the Open. Your team needs you! Instead of the usual 6 intramural teams, headed by a member captain, this year we are doing the classic "Boys vs Girls" teams for all members. Simply by signing up for the Open 2019, you will be automatically playing for your team.

  • Team Beer & Barbells - all FirePower men/boys
  • Team She Beast - all the FirePower ladies/girls

All CrossFit, Ignite and Varsity members are highly encouraged to be part of the 5 week CrossFit Games Online Competition. Regardless of where your current fitness is at: Rx'd, scaled, scaling-the-scale, or rehabing your way back, YOU NEED TO DO THIS! It's a chance to test your fitness, step out of your comfort zone, support your classmates, and experience the magic that is the CrossFit Community. If you are new since last year, get more details from our site here.

One you are registered, show your team pride with one of these facebook frames!

Get the links from our FirePower Facebook Page.

Ready for the showdown????


You know we like a little challenge with our fitness. That's why you came to FirePower in the first place. SO, new this year for all members in the Open. Pick up yourself a FIREPOWER BINGO game card from the front desk. Each square has a different task to complete. Each time you complete one, a coach or Front Desk Associate must sign off to confirm and give you a bingo stamp. You will need to keep your card with you until completion. Game starts Thursday and ends MARCH 15th so we have enough time to tally the scores before the final week.

Bingo Rewards:
  • First Bingo = Free can of FitAid + plus 10 points for your team
  • Second Bingo = $5 FirePower Bucks + 15 points for your team
  • Fourth Bingo = Free FirePower T-shirt + 25 points for your team

(yes we skipped 3... smart bingo players know that this is too easy!)

Here's what the card looks like (below)

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