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CrossFit Games 2017 - What You Need To Know

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read


  • Workouts are released on Thursday nights at8pm.  Live web broadcast  You can watch it onyour own computer at home, or come join us at the gym to watch on the TV.

  • Friday WOD’s will be the CrossFit Gamesworkout announced the night before.  Soeven if you aren’t registered for the games but you come in for class, you willbe doing the games workout!  Soooo,  register yourself to represent FirePower, wewill put you on an intramural team and your workouts will help earn points foryour team. You can come to your usual class from 5:30am to 3:30pm and you canperform your weekly games wod in your class. A judge will be assigned to you.

  • “Friday Night Lights”   Starting approx 4:45pm, we hold heats ofathletes to perform the Games Wod.  Noclasses will happen beyond the 3:30pm class for the 5 weeks. Heat times depend on the workout that isreleased on Thursday nights.  Coacheswill assess how many athletes we can fit into each heat depending on equipment andfloor space.  Friday night heats will beavailable for you to sign up by noon on Fridays, or sign up for one when youarrive on Fridays.   Last heat istypically no later than 8:15pm’ish.

  • Friday nights, please come to cheer on yourfellow members, watch some of our coaches and competitive team athletesperform, and BYOB.  Primal Cravings willhave paleo meals for sale over the dinner hour. Optional potluck snacks are welcome but not required. 

  • Kids are welcome to watch the event, butnot allowed on or near the training floor and MUST be supervised AT ALLTIMES!!!  This is a completenon-negotiable.  If you are wodding, youmust transfer responsibility of your kids to someone else. Kids are not allowedupstairs at the gym, nor in the changerooms.  FirePower Kids is offering aworkout/dinner/movie night for RCFP members children each week.  Please review the options each week and RSVPa spot.

  • If you are unable to do your games workouton Fridays, you are welcome to use open gym times on Saturday 12-1:30pm/Sunday 10am-1pm/Monday 10:30am-3:30pm. You will need to make arrangements with a qualified or appointed judgeduring these times.  Ask a coach fordetails. 

  • When you do your workout, give it your allthe first time!  Unless a major catastrophe happens,there is no need to redo.  We have over130 athletes to get through the workouts each week.  Please be respectful of our coaches andjudges.  This entire games series is 100%volunteered time.  #noredos

  • Have fun with your Intramural team and captains! Each week we will award 3 achievements: SPIRIT OF THE GAMES, ROOKIE OF THE WEEK, ASS-KICKER OF THE WEEK. These will be chosen by RCFP coaches, team captains, and wod scores (ass-kickers only). Look for the announcements on Tuesdays.

  • ‍Lastly, for anyone who has been part of previous Games’ years, there is no mobile app for 2017.   HQ has revised their web site to be mobile-friendly. The 2016 mobile app won’t work. 
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