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Couch to 5KM: Learn to Run Series!

Andrea Savard
April 15, 2024
5 min read

Welcome to our "Learn to Run" program, designed for beginners & intermediate runners to confidently and safely embark and enhance your running journey! Our step-by-step program, tailored by expert coaches, will GRADUALLY build your stamina and technique, transforming you from a complete novice to a comfortable runner. Join our supportive community today, where every stride brings you closer to achieving your fitness goals with ease and fun!

Coach Tammy Valliere will be your guide and help you jump into spring with this outdoor running program.

Program Details:

**May 15th - June 23rd (2x week)

**Wednesdays 6pm + Sundays 8am

**6 weeks (12 sessions)

**Open to members & non-members

**$175 + HST

Reserve Your Spot Today!

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