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Carm's Story

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Today we are celebrating Carm and her journey with Team FirePower!

She first came to us because her son and his baseball team were doing team training with us – she came along one day, saw what they were doing and thought it was cool! She then came to our Open House and signed up for Foundations, just like that. When she first started out, Carm’s goal was to coordinate her running to help keep her knees and body strong. After completing her Foundations, Carm felt that she was less about the weightlifting and more about the cardio life, which is how she found her way to CrossFit Lite, now called Ignite. Needless to say, she was hooked!

Her goals have not changed, but her actions towards them have: “Give me a few more weeks and I’ll be back on track! Even though I have not been there consistently lately I love this place. I know the door is always open and I will be welcomed with open arms,” she says, "I have grown so much as a person and athlete thanks to those who are here at the gym. There has been various specialty classes that have kept my interest. I fell in love with the obstacle course training that Shane led- it helped me with all the obstacle course races I did."

"FirePower was right beside me and my family when I told them my husband, Jack, was diagnosed with cancer and was by our side through the worst time of our lives especially when we lost Jack on 6 October 2017.  I do not know many gyms who take it upon themselves to put together a fundraiser for their own, which is what everyone did for us.  Even though Jack was too ill to attend he left this world knowing how much this family loves our family and that I and our children, Victoria and Aaron, would be in good hands. This FirePower family is a very special one and for that I will be forever grateful. Every time I come here I laugh and smile and have a great time.  Any time I speak or think of FirePower I smile and the love and support of this gym family/community fills my heart. Andrea and George built one of the most amazing gym families around. I cannot thank them enough."

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