April's "Chumbawamba Challenge"

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Sick of the lockdowns?  

So are we!  Let's have some fun and see how many times we can virtually travel from Toronto to Ottawa to bridge a virtual gap between the province and our feds (in the name of fun).  One-way trip is 402km.   How many trips can we do to unite our government because they clearly need help!    This is not a political discussion, it’s just to get butts moving!

Open to all FirePower members, and inclusive for all levels of fitness. Choose how you want to move each day: walking, running, biking, or even bear crawling!!


1. Sign yourself up under a team on the GoogleSheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V53U0n3RqlO_sxveOHsrq12-DCIqGz4Lw6NycC4XCTM/edit?usp=sharing

2. Starting APRIL 5, 2021, track the total KILOMETRES YOU TRAVEL THIS MONTH by running, walking, biking or even bear-crawling.  

3. Every day or once a week, add your distance travelled in the appropriate column.  It is CUMULATIVE for the whole month, so each time you enter your km's, add them to the previous number.  

4. The spreadsheet will calculate factor to make the distances comparable.  For example, a 5km walk (factor of 4) will be equivalent to a 20km bike.

The winning team with the most collective km's traveled by April 30th will receive a set of matching FP Custom t-shirts!

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