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A Message to the Town of Milton

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

This June marks 10years that Milton opened it’s doors to FirePower.  We chose THIS community because of thecommunity.  And we set out to introduce asport that was almost unheard of. CrossFit.

Thank you to the manyMiltonians who confidently believed in our vision of “Reconnecting FamiliesThrough Sport”. The early adopters who came to our first month free and arestill here a decade later.  And to thenew members who continue to join each month, we are grateful for your trust.


Thank you to thelocal businesses who supported and encouraged us when things were tough; whobecame family friends at the same time. From Troy’s Diner, to the Ivy Arms, tothe Tiger family, to the Town Councilors who joined a team for FireFighterAppreciation Day, to Milton Fire for partnering with us to raise funds forCanadian Fallen FireFighters.  We aregrateful to all of you and so many more.


Thank you to theMilton Champion, TVCogeco, Snap Milton, and Family Matters for sharing ourstories.  Thank you to the Chamber ofCommerce for awarding us Business of the Year, and most recently Entrepreneurof the Year for FirePower Kids.


In 10 short yearswe have taken homegrown Miltonians from learning what CrossFit is, up tocompeting on the world stage.   Wecreated an outlet for young athletes to begin a lifelong love of fitness.  We’ve also created jobs here in our hometownfor many Miltonians to support their families.


And through itall, we built a Community of Fitness based in encouragement, inclusiveness,fun, love and giving back to our community while also paying it forward.


Thank you Miltonfor helping this family business become 10 YEARS CROSSFIT STRONG.



Andrea & George Savard

Reebok CrossFitFirePower

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