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5Star4Mula - Now Available at FirePower!

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

5Star4Mula's mission is to bring high quality supplements to your daily gamein order to "Rise it Up". They work very hard tomake all aspects of their products the best there is. Their products don't only look good, they taste delicious.

Products available in the FirePower Proshop are:

- 5Star Isolate

- 5Star Whey

- BCAA Hydrate

- Fired-Up (Pre Workout)

- Slimmer

- Omega 3

- Magnesium

- 5Star Pharmaline - Estro-Flow

Check out the front desk from more information on the products or visit the 5Star4Mula Website to read about them!

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