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4 Week Fresh Start Challenge: June 2024

Andrea Savard
May 13, 2024
5 min read

Ready For A Change? Let's Get You A FRESH START!!!!

Are you needing to make physical activity a priority in your life again?

Desperate to start but not sure where?

Fresh Start is a small group fitness class led by an experienced coach designed for all fitness levels. Your 60 minute sessions will include weightlifting development, workout and mobility focus. Our goal is for you to feel confident, strong, healthier, and have an improved mood with more energy, while building a new fitness routine into your life. By committing to this program, you are going to see noticeable weightloss and strength results! We will also give you a nutrition guide to keep you on track and provide you with detailed pre & post body fat and muscle mass measurements.

What's Included In Your 4 Week Program?

  • 8 NEW Fat burning, strength-focused workouts done with a small group 2x per week + homework workouts
  • Motivated group classes of like-minded people with expert coaching
  • Nutrition meal plan with high protein recipe book
  • Weekly habit tracking to build lasting lifestyle momentum
  • Pre & Post Body Composition Measurements

Program Times & Cost

***Tues / Thurs 6:30pm
***June 4th to June 27th
**Cost is $199 + HST

This challenge is for both men and women ages 16+ so grab a friend or your spouse and sign up TODAY!


The Fresh Start challenge has been such a life changing experience for me....  I was nervous that I was too out of shape to participate but the coaches were amazing with their encouragement giving me modified movements if I needed them.  Six weeks ago, I never would have believed how I would feel now.  I feel stronger each week and am looking forward to being able to do more active things with my highly energetic son! The nutrition part has really worked for me and I never feel hungry.  Today I fit into a pair of jeans I haven't worn in 3 years! A BIG THANK YOU to you and the FP team for being so great and changing people's lives!" Jackie

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