Small Group & Team Training

Train With OUR Team To Improve YOUR Team's Performance

Team Training

FirePower Training provides a break in routine and adds variety and intensity to your overall training program. Many elite athletes and sports team including hockey, soccer, football, and lacrosse use FirePower CrossFit and Boxing to improve athletic performance, physical confidence and team dynamics.

  • FirePower Training can accommodate sports teams or corporate/community groups large and small.
  • Minimum team size is 6 participants.
  • Various ages of teams welcome. i.e. ages 10 and up
  • Team training sessions are 1 hour private sessions dedicated entirely to the team-specific training requirements.


“FirePower team training has challenged my girls to push their physical and mental limits well beyond what they perceived them to be. Not only does this transfer directly to the field, but into their personal lives as well. The FirePower team of trainers are passionate, focused, intense, and knowledgeable. For getting to the next level, this is the crucible where teams will transform themselves.” Brian Robertson, Head Coach, Mississauga Falcons, Girls ’95 soccer

Small Group Training

This is great option for those of you that have your own specific group that you want to train with. These sessions are by appointment, which allows for a more flexible schedule with our trainers. You can set up as many as you like, as often as you like. Small groups are between 3 and 5 people. Training focus can be customized to your groups goals and intentions.

5-Day Intensive Camp

Come in for 5 consecutive days, each day consisting of a 60-75 minute session. Build your team’s cohesiveness and supportiveness, learn the basics of strength & conditioning, and prep your team for the upcoming season.  5 sessions of 60-75 min: $999

Book A Session Today! Call 905-864-9941 or email for details.

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