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We are professional fitness coaches. Coaching is what we do.

We don't simply rent the equipment to you when you come in. That's a different type of facility. Every client at FirePower has a unique prescription for exercise and nutrition.The prescription is 100% derived on each client’s goals and budget. Pricing depends on the training path you undertake once you decide with our coaches. 

Our Group Class memberships are designed to give you flexibility in your commitment level.  Each program has a 30-day, a 90-day, and a 12 month option.  The longer you are committed, the more value you will see and the better, more sustainable your transformation will be.

Access to CrossFit Group Classes begins with a special program called Foundations where we teach mechanics, ensure your safety, and grow your confidence. During your Complimentary Intro session, our coaches will help craft the best Foundations program for you based on your current fitness state, health history, your goals, and your interests. From there, group classes memberships range from $125 to $200/month.  

Book a complimentary "No Sweat Intro" with one of our coaches to get your Rx!


We deliver our coaching in three levels of service:

1. Private Coaching. Every single person is different. Some things work for some people; other things work for others. Your goals, background, time and – frankly – what you LIKE are important.

2. Group Training. We provide individual coaching in a group environment. Workouts are different every day; intense; but altered for each participant’s level. The magic is in the community and the people around you!

3. Small Group / Specialty Programs. Whether you are training for sport or training for life, we’ve got the workout program you need. Supplement your group or personal training with special focus on specific domains such as strength building, metabolic conditioning, endurance, barbell training, boxing and more. The schedule changes regularly to keep things fresh.

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Can I try a class for free?

We get this question often, but we uphold our commitment to safety as a priority. Every member over the past decade has undertaken a Foundations program to learn movements, terminology, class protocol, and build a coach:athlete relationship. This is very important to us. With a constant flow of new people in classes without Foundations, it deviates the coaches attention from the safety of all athletes.

We value the safety of our new prospective members and our consistency in service to our current members more than we value offering free classes. We invite anyone looking into our fitness and wellness services to come for a complimentary "No Sweat Intro". This is a private tour of the facility, a chance to meet some of the amazing people our community, and a personalized conversation with a coach to see how we can help you best.

A few notes about memberships:

  • New member activations are subject to a one-time registration fee of $20.
  • We accept credit cards (no AMEX), cash, cheques, pre-authorized bank payments.
  • Weekly & bi-weekly payments are available. Ask us how!
  • FirePower Guarantee: You have our word that if WE make a mistake on YOUR billing, we will make it right!

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