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We don’t expect you to fall in love with us before the first date.  At least let us give you a sweaty hug first!  To get started we invite you to come in for a complimentary "No Sweat" Intro to FirePower session with a coach. You’ll get to see the facility, learn why we're different, meet some fellow members and coaches and see if this environment is right for you. The coach can help guide you into the right program based on your current level of fitness and your health goals, you'll learn about membership options and how to get started right away!


Give Us 90 Days!

When you come to FirePower, our job is to make sure we are the best fit for you. We do this by letting you experience our coaching, our classes and our FirePower community before making a long term decision. Many people are seeking group classes, however some people prefer the accountability and custom program development of personal training.

Our goal is simple: to teach you proper form and technique of exercise movements; to ensure your safety; and to let you try a variety of class types before you make a longer decision on which fitness path is right for you.  Many of our beginning programs and membership options are based on a 90-day framework. We then encourage you to meet with us and discuss the most successful path for you; either private training, group training or a hybrid of both.


Hear from other members’ experience:

“I was impressed at how important proper form is for our safety.  It was an awesome course and really prepared me for the WOD’s.” - Kristi O’Neill
“I didn’t quite understand why I needed it in the beginning. But it’s a must! There is a lot of techniques in the lifts that needs to be gone though thoroughly and a newbie doesn’t realize this until after the first class.  I’m glad I took it!.” - Bob Stell
“I didn’t think I needed it, but it was TOTALLY worth it!  I definitely see the value of CrossFit more after the Foundations.” - Laurie Day

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