Youth Fitness & Development for ALL Skill Levels.

****DUE TO COVID 19, training offerings are limited to grades 6+. Please email us for details on how to register!

We foster a love of fitness and eating well, and help teens develop the self-confidence to make good decisions in all areas of life.
Our focus is on coaching - guiding, mentoring and encouraging. Coaching is what we do!  
Whether you are looking for a group fitness class or a private / specialized environment, we can help!

We are most proud of creating a community of like-minded teens and young adults – a place where it’s cool to workout, talk about health and encourage others to do their best. With our community-building focus, we are the place to learn life skills that will be carried on forever.

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FirePower Youth Fitness & Development

Fun-Filled Facility

Our open and functional space is ideal for athletes that want to incorporate physical, mental and social stimulation. We can tailor a fitness program unique to your group, whether you have team building in mind, a fun group trip, or a specific need for fitness education.

We offer several unique classes and training options to appeal to our members’ wide variety of personal tastes and physical abilities.

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Fitness AND Nutrition

At FPY, we understand that fitness goes far beyond the training floor. We believe that physical and mental wellness starts in the home with what we put in our bodies and the relationship we have with food.

Our Nutrition Coach works with families to take a big-picture approach when helping them improve their eating habits.  Emotional and physical health, sleep, stress and other lifestyle factors are considered to create a tailored plan that is sustainable and moves your family towards a healthy lifestyle. Email Coach Maria for details.

Meet The Team!

Our skilled professional coaches and coaching assistants love working with children. They are a group of specialized and experienced adults and athletes, trained in youth movement, mechanics, and class management to optimize the learning environment.

We are extremely proud of our team.
Please take the time to get to know them!

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A functional exercise program that develops strength, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and endurance. For many young athletes, CrossFit is the perfect program to help improve sports performance; for others, CrossFit IS their sport!

Junior Varsity CrossFit (grades 6-8)
Varsity CrossFit (grades 9-12)


FirePower is more than CrossFit training.  We are about Fitness & Wellness. If you are seeking general fitness for your kids or family, we can help! These session-based programs are offered throughout the year to break up the routine and encourage the whole family to find fun in fitness!


Working 1:1 with a private coach can help build confidence for shy kids, develop targeted training goals for elite athletes, and also allow for flexible scheduling for parents.  Need a time effective workout for your whole family? Make these sessions a family affair!

Sport-specific training
General fitness training
Adaptive / Special needs training
Nutrition coaching (family focused)

Nutrition / Boxing / CrossFit / Specialty Coaches Available


Summer Athlete Development Training Camps
for Athletes in grades 6-8 and grades 9-12.

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Ask us about Team Training, School Groups, & Homeschool Program


We have skilled, professional coaches and coaching assistants

The FirePower facility is top of the line with world-renowned youth coaches

Our top-notch equipment is age-appropriate and safe

Qualified coaches tailor programming to meet the needs and abilities of each athlete

Flexible training options give your family choices.

Discover the FUN that FITs you!

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