CrossFit Striking

CrossFit Striking

Every heard of Striking Helen?  Everything’s the same except the 12 pull-ups become 12 full-strike combinations: one-two, one-two, then repeat.

Welcome to CrossFit Striking.

Athletes will increase overall fitness, core strength, rotational speed and power by incorporating striking drills into CrossFit workouts. Strikes are some of the most functional movements because punching and kicking with true power, speed and accuracy require people to utilize their entire body. This is why fighters are some of the most well-conditioned and powerful athletes in the world.

With this in mind, Striking is designed to incorporate basic mixed-martial-arts, boxing and self-protection striking concepts into workouts. All this is done in a non-contact format that focuses on proper technique by using shadow boxing, focus mitts, kick shields and a heavy bag.

To participate in CrossFit Striking classes, FirePower athletes are required to participate in a one-time 90-minute Striking Foundations course.  Cost is only $20 and the course runs quarterly or on demand with enough athletes.



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